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Belswan is a supplier and consultant of wateranalysers equipments and a manufacturer of complete analyser systems on panels or in houstings for the industry.

The analysers and products can be classified in the following applications:

  • Utra Pure Water for the Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor Industry
  • Boiler feed water, cooling water, condensate for the power and Chemical Industry
  • Demineralization plants
  • Drinking water, effluent and waste water
  • Proces water
  • Pool water control

The analysers and associated products are:

  • pH and ion specific Electrodes (Philips – Russel – Amagruss)
  • TOC – conductivity – pH-flow (Thornton)
  • Sodium, Dissolied Oxygen, pH, chlorine (Belswan)
  • Silica, Alcalanity, Hardness, Chlorine (Belswan)
  • Nitrate, Ammonium, Polyarmatic compounds, Organic Pollution (Data Link)
  • Automatic sampling switching units.

Supporting Lab products:

  • pH electrodes and Lab pH and ion meters (Russell)
  • Colorimetric photometer systems (Palintest)

If you need further information about Belswan or the products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Gas analyzers


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Water Analysers

Belswan has a wide range of business activities of Water Analysers such as..

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PH Electrodes

Belswan also works with PH and ion specific electrodes.

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Sampling en cooling equipments

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Belswan offers different maintenance and calibration for every kind of analyser of any manufacturer...


You can always take a look on the link below for more information.